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I'm using Fancybox to display a popup window, set as type: 'ajax' so I can automatically resize it. The problem though is that instead of popping up the Fancybox window, it redirects to the page in the browser instead.

Code is pretty simple Fancybox:

    autoDimensions: true,
    showCloseButton: false,
    type: 'ajax',
    href: 'login.aspx'

With hiddenLink being as its name implies a blank a tag used so I can launch the popup when the page loads.

Any idea why it's redirecting instead of launching the popup, and more importantly how to get the desired functionality? I want the contents of the page to be loaded in the Fancybox not have the entire page redirect. If I set this to iframe it works as expected but clicking a link inside the iframe will scroll the parent page and this isn't what I want. Also, I want the fancybox display to dynamically resize based on the size of the content it contains, and this functionality is only available when using the Ajax type.

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Turns out the redirection was due to also having an ASP.NET Timer control on the same page.

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