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I have a string that I'm trying to split and then wrap with MathML tags. The goal is to have a MathML (possibly MathJax) rendered output for an equation. The problem I'm running into is matching the MathML tags to the different substrings.

For example:

str = x + 2;
newStr = str.split(''); //returns [x,+,2]

I can loop through the array like so:

for (i = 0;i < newStr.length; i++) {
  write('<mn>' + newStr[i] + '</mn>')

But this only works for a single MathML tag. How can I map each substring to a tag, wrap it with that tag (preferably referring to the tag in terms of a variable), and then close the tag as well (comes into play when using multi-element MathML like <msup>).


For example, this is what I'm trying to produce:

Input: x + 2

Output: <mi>x</mi><mo>+</mo><mn>2</mn>

I have been battling this problem all day. Any ideas?

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Can you please give an case example of the input and output you need? – amosrivera Jan 17 '12 at 15:23
@amosrivera--please look at the updated post. – dopatraman Jan 17 '12 at 15:30
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Libraries like MathJax and jqMath do this for you, handling numbers, variables, operators, nested parentheses, exponents, matrices, etc. MathJax supports LaTeX syntax for complicated formatting, where jqMath just implements a simpler unicode-based syntax. For instance, in jqMath you can do M.sToMathE('x + 2') to create a MathML element. (You could then take its innerHTML I believe if you really wanted it in string form.) See also Jqmath - apply after page load. (Full disclosure: I wrote jqMath.)

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Here's a starting point showing how you can do this kind of conversion into MathML. Note also that it's more pseudo-code than javascript.

string str = x + 2
newStr = str.split('');

for (i = 0;i < newStr.length; i++)
    string value = Operator_AsMathML(newStr[i]);
    if(value == "")
            value = Number_AsMathML(newStr[i]);
            value = Variable_AsMathML(newStr[i]);

string Number_AsMathML(string number)
    return "<mn>" + number + "</mn>";

string Variable_AsMathML(string varname)
    return "<mi>" + varname + "</mi>";

string Operator_AsMathML(string opname) const
    string front = "<mo>";

        case '+':
            front += "+";

        case '-':
           front += "&#x2212;"; 

        case '*':
           front += "&times;";

        case '/':
           front += "/";

        case '±':
           front += "&#x00B1;";

           return "";

    front += "</mo>";
    return front;
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