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This is my first time that I will work with the web service, so I will be grateful to you if you can help me .

I have created this web service : it includes three methods, the first one will return array of strings, the second and third will return one string for each method .

My question is : How can I connect with this web service and print the results on console ?

Note : if anybody have a good tutorial and advanced that related to web service, I will be grateful if he can shared this tutorial with me (specially how connect web service with database and return the results to the clients)

Thanks in advance :)

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follow this tutorials Soap in iphone

I think your requirement are similiar with the following


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Thanks Ali3an, I have finished reading this tutorial but it's not clear enough to me, I don't know where should I change and where not !! , do you know another one ? Thanks a lot . –  Muhannad Dasoqie Jan 19 '12 at 8:51

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