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I'm working on a project that has lots of different Maven projects. I've been doing a bunch of JUnit testing on these projects, and usually this goes well. I open up Eclipse, right click in package explorer->Import... Existing Maven Projects and I'm able to import the project fine. I can build, drill down to src/test/java... Right click on the file and do a Run As JUnit test. Every now and then though, I can't get this to work. If I right click to do a Run As, all I get is AspectJ/Java application. There's no JUnit tests.

I noticed that the icon next to the project folder only has an M and a folder icon, whereas with projects that do work, there's a folder, M, AND a AJ. I've also noticed that it doesn't seem to sort the files into their packages like normal Java projects. It seems like it's not treating the project as an AspectJ project. How do I get Eclipse to recognize this Maven project as a Java project?

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can you figure out then what's the difference between those two projects, the one where you do get RunAsJunit and the one where you don't get it? pom.xml probably has the answer. – milan Jan 17 '12 at 16:20

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Several of the existing answers should work, but those suggesting to add a Java facet will only work if your project already is of (or you want to convert it to) a faceted nature, and the one suggesting you change your pom.xml will only work if you then re-import your project as a maven project.

If you'd like to "fix" your existing project, i.e. add a Java nature without converting it to faceted form and without deleting and re-importing, just edit your .project file (externally, or with the Navigator view in eclipse, as it won't show up in your package explorer) and add the java builder and java nature to the existing maven builder/nature:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <!-- add this build command -->
        <!-- this would've already been there -->
        <!-- add this nature -->
        <!-- this would've already been there -->

Note the different capitalisation (javabuilder but maven2Builder, javanature but maven2Nature).

As soon as you save, it should re-build automatically. You may have to manually add any source folders (Project properties -> Java Build Path -> Source tab -> Add Folder....

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I found just deleting the .project files and re-importing the poms also fixed this - I cannot figure out how it gets into this bad state though. – bacar Apr 15 at 17:37

Right-click on Project -> Properties -> Project Facets, then choose all facets that apply for your case (e.g. java).

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I was facing the same problem and the steps below solved it in my case:

1- Open the pom.xml of the problematic project.

2 -In the overview tab, check the Artifact/Packaging settings.

3- If it is set to "pom" change it to "jar".

4- Save your changes and then delete the project from eclipse only and re-import it.

Hope that helps!

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I talked to a co-worker and I was able to "fix" the problem. I did a delete from Eclipse (not from disk) and immediately re-did the Maven import and now it magically works.

It seems like if there was an error with the pom.xml, particularly if the parent version was wrong, that the maven project doesn't get imported/created properly. Once I fixed the problems in the POM, the project would build fine without any problems but it was still only a Maven project. Once I removed it and re-imported it, THEN it treated it as a Maven/AspectJ project.

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You can accept your own answer in order to close this question. – kriegaex Oct 29 '14 at 13:45

I faced the same problem(after importing pom.xml to eclipse,the project is not treated as a java one,and there is only "maven project builder" in project builders property,but no "java builder") in eclipse luna.

Re-importing maven project after deleting ".settings" folder and ".project" file did not work. Re-importing after a workspace switch worked for me.

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It depends on the Eclipse project facet properties (if you are using Java EE), I suggest you right click on project properties and see which facet is defined for your project.

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Check the pom.xml file for projects that don't get the AspectJ nature (AJ on the project). Are they missing the AspectJ-Maven plugin? They should have a section like:

          <!-- use this goal to weave all your main classes -->

Also take a look at his question: Maven/AJDT project in Eclipse

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