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I'm trying to draw a rectangle on the canvas with the center at the touch point. I'm using the following code:

canvas.drawRect((point.x + 15), (point.y + 15),(point.x + 15),(point.y + 15), paint);

But it doesn't work.

But when I use,

canvas.drawRect(point.x , point.y ,(point.x + 30),(point.y + 30), paint);

amazingly,it works. But the only harm is it is not centered at the touch coordinates.The top left of the rectangle coincides with the touch coordinates. Where am I going wrong?

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Your x,y pairs are both

(point.x + 15), (point.y + 15)

You want the first pair to be

(point.x - 15), (point.y - 15)
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Oops..That was stupid of me! Thank you! – Kazekage Gaara Jan 17 '12 at 17:55

Your first example was drawing a 1 pixel dot, which is why it looked like it didn't work.

To draw a 30px square at the point of contact, try this

canvas.drawRect(point.x - 15 , point.y - 15 , point.x + 15, point.y + 15, paint);
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Sorry but I will have to accept the other answer as the correct answer,that person was quicker. :) – Kazekage Gaara Jan 17 '12 at 18:04

try this:

int rectWidth = 15;
int rectHeight = 15;

canvas.drawRect((point.x - rectWidth / 2), (point.y - rectHeight / 2),(point.x + rectWidth / 2),(point.y + rectHeight / 2), paint);
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