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Is it possible to parse the Skype messages using Skype API?
I would like to create a Skype plugin so that I can read a particular string posted by a user and invoke some actions/events based on the text entered.

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Using Skype4COM you can handle messages by listening to MessageStatus events and check the status (cmsSending / cmsSent / etc).

If you are interested you may have a look in a skype plugin I wrote (called Binboo) which does exactly what you want: it listen for skype messages and reacts for some specific text.

Current version of Binboo supports plugins also (for instance, I have two: one to interact with Jira and another one for text translations)

One of the limitations I could not overcome so far is changing the message being sent (I'm not saying it is not possible, just that I didn't find a way)


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