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Is there anyway to configure IIS Express to support extension-less URLS?

Our production and development servers are running a website (webforms) app on IIS 6 and setup to process every request through isapi.dll. However, our local development machines are using IIS Express setup in Classic pipeline mode.

Currently if I am to request a resource from our dev or prod servers that doesn't have an extension, such as /about/ it processes fine, but if I were to request /about/ on our local development servers using IIS express I receive a 404.

Suggestions? Thanks in advance

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check the site app pool in development server applicationhost.config file and make sure that .Net framework version is set to 4.0.

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Thanks for your reply. Our website is running on .net 3.5, so I'm guessing this isn't an option. – letsgetsilly Jan 21 '12 at 2:07

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