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I've got an application where for the first 100 rows (think "first 100 customers") I'd like the default of a certain column to be, say, 10. Then after that promotion is over, I'd like it to be 2. Is there a way to do that automatically so that I'm not flooded with 1000 rows unexpectedly?

Could I query the number of rows each time a new row is added, then run a SQL statement that would alter the default from 10 to 2 if the mysql_num_rows is over 100?

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I try to avoid altering a table schema in code, so how about something like:

  1. Leave the default at the permanent value (e.g. 2).

  2. Lock the table for insert.*

  3. Insert a row.

  4. Check the resulting row ID (or however you have set up row counting).

  5. If the ID is less than or equal to 100, update the column (e.g. 2 -> 10).

  6. Unlock the table.

*: There are alternate ways to do this, such as with transactions, that may be better. It depends on the volume you are expecting.

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I think this might work but (if I'm understanding it correctly) it looks like this assumes 100 people are already assigned. I'm hoping for a method that will work before the site launches so that if (wishful thinking) it goes viral then I won't have problems down the line. Alternately, it might be so slow that I don't check for weeks and then suddenly 50 people sign up. So any way that will do this automatically will be helpful. Thanks for your thought though...it's a good solution for sure! –  user1149499 Jan 18 '12 at 2:59
No, it doesn't make an assumption about there already being 100 people. Steps 4 and 5 check whether 100 people have been assigned, and if not set your special value. After 100 people have been assigned, the conditional in step 5 will no longer be true and the normal default (for everyone beyond 100) will be used automatically, which I believe is what you want. –  Conrad Shultz Jan 18 '12 at 8:17

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