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I do got an array where I do want to make a search but dont know how to make it work

here are my array

$myarray = Array
    [dogname] => Array
            [0] => white
            [1] => zeon
            [2] => imao

    [visit] => Array
            [0] => once
            [1] => twice
            [2] => twice

I wanted to search where visit = twice and display dogname I used in_array from php and array_search function but it doesnt work out. is there other custom function that can search value from a array rule or any tips on how to able get the value from compared string.

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I think what you're looking for is array_keys(), which, in this case, returns an array of keys whose values match the string "twice":

$keys = array_keys($myarray['visit'], 'twice', true);
foreach($keys as $key)
    echo $myarray['dogname'][$key] , "\n";


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