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Althought i'm just a graphic designer, sometimes i do my own programming. Right now i've been commissioned for the design and programming of a simple website http://www.cervigonyachts.com. I've developed a long script, with some blocks of programmimg from different tutorials which I could fit to my needs. The home page works nice on Safari, Firefox and Chrome, baut the problem, of course, comes when trying to make it work properly on IE (any version).

There are to issues regarding IE: 1- When I click on any submenu of any yacht model, it is supposed to load a lot of thumbnails which are generated from a PHP file which dinamically converts a set of images into the desired thumbnails. It loads the thumbnails on any browser but IE. What I'm doing wrong?

This is the function i use:

function cargadiapositivas() {
    $.post('http://cervigonyachts.com/thumbnails.php?ts=' + new Date().getMilliseconds(), {
        cache: false,
        'ruta': embarcacion
    }, function(data) {
    }, "html");
    return false;

The html structure of this page is as follows:

<div id="envoltorio">
<div id="medio">
  <div id="interior">
    <div id="foto"></div>
    <div id="piedepagina">
    <div id="menuinferior">
    <li class="blog"><a href="/blog">Blog</a></li>
    <!--<li class="downloads"><a href="#">Downloads</a></li>-->
    <li class="share"><a href="#">Share</a></li>
    </div><!--Final MenuInferior-->
    </div><!--Final de l Pie de pagina-->
    <!--<p>© Cervigon Yachts 2011 <b> :: Contact:</b> <a href="mailto:info@cervigonyachts.com">info@cervigonyacths.com</a><span id="datos"></span></p>-->
    <div id="logo" fotodefondo="<?=$this->getThemePath()?>/imaxes/fondos/cervigon.jpg"><img src="<?=$this->getThemePath()?>/imaxes/cervigonyachts-shipyard.png"  alt="Cervigon Yachts"  longdesc="Cervigon Yachts Shipyard"/></div>
    <div id="panel"></div><!--Fin Panel-->
    <div id="cervigon"><div id="rotulo"><img src="<?=$this->getThemePath()?>/imaxes/cervigon.png" /></div></div><!--Final Cervigon-->   
    <div id="botonera">
    <ul id="principal">
    <li id="company" class="company" fotodefondo="<?=$this->getThemePath()?>/imaxes/fondos/cervigon.jpg"><a href="#">The company</a></li>
    <li id="modeloscervigon" class="yachts" fotodefondo="<?=$this->getThemePath()?>/imaxes/fondos/5B.jpg"><a href="#">Yachts</a>
            <li class="yacht42" fotodefondo="<?=$this->getThemePath()?>/imaxes/fondos/fondo42.jpg"><a href="#">42</a></li>
            <li class="yacht70" fotodefondo="<?=$this->getThemePath()?>/imaxes/fondos/2B.jpg"><a href="#">70</a></li>
            <li class="yacht90" fotodefondo="<?=$this->getThemePath()?>/imaxes/fondos/90-esquema.jpg"><a href="#">90</a></li>
    <li id="contact" class="contact" fotodefondo="<?=$this->getThemePath()?>/imaxes/fondos/8B.jpg"><a href="#">Contact</a></li>

   <ul id="detallebarcos">
    <li id="descripcion" class="descripcion"><a href="#">Description</a></li>
    <li id="datasheet" class="dimensiones"><a href="#">Technical Features</a></li>

    </div><!--Fin Botonera -->

<div id="contienetextos"><div id="contenido"><div id="bloquesTexto" class="textos cf">   </div></div><!--Fin de Contenido--></div><!--Fin de contienetextos-->

<div id="rotulomodelos"><img src="<?=$this->getThemePath()?>/imaxes/cervigon.png" /> </div>      
<div id="modeloyate"></div>

<div id="paginacion">
<div id="scrollerThumbnails">
<div id="miniaturas" class="contenedorThumbs">
<!--<div class="contenidoThumb"><div><a href="#"><img src="#" class="thumb" /></a></div>  </div>-->

<div id="diapositivas">
<div id="diapos"><img src="<?=$this->getThemePath()?>/imaxes/cervigonyachts-shipyard.png" id="diapositivaproyectada" /></div>
<div id="logoyates"  fotodefondo="<?=$this->getThemePath()?>/imaxes/fondos/cervigon.jpg"><img src="<?=$this->getThemePath()?>/imaxes/cervigon-yachts-cervigon.png"  alt="Cervigon Yachts"  longdesc="Cervigon Yachts Shipyard"/></div>
<a href="#" class="botonSiguiente" title="next"></a>
<a href="#" class="botonAnterior" title="previous"></a>
<div id="botondepaseautomatico"><a href="#" title="Play" onClick="modoDePaseDiapositivas('automatico');return false"><img src="<?=$this->getThemePath()?>/imaxes/scroller/boton_unauna.png" width="25" height="25"  /></a></div>
<div id="preloader"><img src="<?=$this->getThemePath()?>/imaxes/scroller/cargando.gif" width="32" height="32" /></div>
<div id="cerrar"><!--<a href="#" title="Maximize" onClick="ImageViewMode('full');return false"><img src="imaxes/scroller/toolbar_fs_icon.png" width="50" height="50"  /></a>-->  </div>
</div><!--Fin Diapositivas-->

<div id="social">
<div id="iconos">
<!-- AddThis Button BEGIN -->
<div class="addthis_toolbox addthis_default_style addthis_32x32_style">
<a class="addthis_button_preferred_1"></a>
<a class="addthis_button_preferred_2"></a>
<a class="addthis_button_preferred_3"></a>
<!--<a class="addthis_button_preferred_4"></a>-->
<a class="addthis_button_compact"></a>
<a class="addthis_counter addthis_bubble_style"></a>
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://s7.addthis.com/js/250/addthis_widget.js#pubid=ra-4f05d12a59272b36"></script>
<!-- AddThis Button END -->
</div><!--fin de iconos-->
</div><!--fin de social-->

</div><!--Fin Interior-->

</div><!-- Fin medio-->
</div><!--Fin Envoltorio-->


Any idea?. Thanks in advance to everybody!!

The second issue regarding to this web-headache is that there are only three buttons at the first level of the menu. When clicking on each one of them, Jquery loads the correct fragment of text from a static html based on the ID or the Class asigned to each button. When going to the third level (false third level, anyway) and try to use the same function, IE shows notehing but the white space of the text container but does not load the text.

For sure I've done hundreds of mistakes; sorry!!!! (And thanks again!).

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You are not posting a form, so use GET, not POST. –  Diodeus Jan 17 '12 at 18:56
@Diodeus thanks for your answer, but, althought I've tried, it doesn't work either. Even more, I've made a test under the same domain, at link and it works nice on every single browser I've tested. The problem here is that my script does not work on IE, and I can't figure out why!!! (I've already spent a whole week trying to…!!!!) –  user1154624 Jan 18 '12 at 9:09
Oooops!!!! Think I was completely obfuscated trying to find extrange reasons for this missfunction and blaming IE (of course). Finally I found the origin of all my headaches: The document type declaration and a Jquery core duplicate. First I designed the whole site in html and later I semi-traduced it into a Concrete5 linktemplate. The header created by the Concrete5 CMS calls a local Jquery and I was loading another Jquery from the Jquery website. That was all the problem!!!. –  user1154624 Jan 18 '12 at 16:41

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