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Lately I have to precompile my assets to see my css changes in my development environment. I don't know why this, the environment setting config.assets.debug is still set to true. I find this rather annoying, I believe I didn't have to run precompile after every change before. How do I make rails compile on page load again?

I'm running Rails 3.1.3. I don't know what other info to provide, please let me know what you need to know to solve this.

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Try completely removing your compiled assets and it should reset to the default development behavior. Otherwise, Rails will keep trying to load your precompiled public/assets/ files before loading the stuff under app/assets/:

rake assets:clean
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Very nice, I was looking for a good way to do this anyway, stupid I didn't run into it before. –  Jasper Kennis Jan 20 '12 at 9:53

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