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I have an Iphone app which depends on a HTML Database created every time the app starts. The following code is used to create the database:

$('#Startup0').live('pageshow',function(event, ui){ 
                try {
                        html5sql.openDatabase("app_db", "App Database", 256*1024);
                                function(){ //Success
                                    console.log("Table Created");                                   
                                function(error, failingQuery){ //Failure
                                    console.log("Table Not Created");
                catch (error) {
                        console.log("Error: " + error.message);

milestones.sql contains all the necessary query in order to create the table, and insert the records.

When I test this on a browser it run like a charm. Now when I go to the Iphone simulator or the Android simulator, the database is not created until I visit the index page for the second time. FYI the DB is only created on the index page.

I have used all the page event that Jquery Mobile has: pagebeforeshow, pageshow, pagebeforecreate, pagebeforeload, pageload, pagebeforechange, pagechange, pageinit. But I always get the same result.

Does anybody know how to create the database the first time a page shows without having to go back to it?

Thanks in advance guys.

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If your database does not persist when the user closes the application, then why use a database? You can just store the information in cache (like a JavaScript object). Reading and writing from/to a HTML5 database is very CPU expensive whereas reading and writing from/to a JavaScript object is pretty cheap. –  Jasper Jan 17 '12 at 20:26
+1. Just use localStorage. –  sciritai Jan 17 '12 at 21:37
@Jasper Database is persistent. It's generated the first time the app runs and is stored in cache. –  locorecto Jan 18 '12 at 0:26
I will not change the way I am storing my data. I want to find a solution to his problem. –  locorecto Jan 18 '12 at 0:27

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