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I need to set the font size in millimeters in my LaTeX document. how can I do that?

thank you!

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Are you using Type 1 fonts (that is, infinitely scalable fonts)? If not, you'll need to do something like \usepackage{lmodern} (that selects my preferred fonts, the Latin Modern version of Computer Modern). Then just enter a command like


and the following text will be in a font 8 mm high on a 9 mm baseline. If you need to set the size of more than a small amount of text in this way, you will probably have to go into the document class definition -- good luck; I stay as far away from those as I possibly can.

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To be more specific, the sizing parameters (which adjust when you type \small, \large, etc.) are defined for the standard classes in size{10,11,12}.clo. Make a new one of them and hack away... –  Will Robertson May 21 '09 at 9:27
All works perfectly, I just want add that \fontsize{size}{skip} must be after \begin{document} –  sgmart May 16 '12 at 20:53

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