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I need build in message functionality in my wicket application. (send, receive, contacts list, attachments, reply, forward etc.)

For server side I try apache-james because it is written in Java - can manage all part of configuration from java code - create domains, accounts, change password, implement IMAP protocol etc. In apache-james contains Hupa subproject written in GWT.

In my application I can use Java Mail API or/and Apache Mailet API for access to IMAP server and write screens myself, but maybe somewhere exist something what help me ?

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What application server are you using? Can we assume you are not using something like Apache Geronimo, Apache TomEE or other that includes a java mail component?

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I'm using Weblogic 11 and Glasfish 3.1. My application connect via JavaMailAPI to James server witch is runing on seperate machine. –  Xeon Jan 26 '12 at 12:45
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