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I have been creating a Monopoly game, and while creating the graphical interface I added a panel in which an image is drawn for each bought territory.

Everything works well so far, but my problems started when I tried to delete the Image from the panel when I sell the territory.I have no Idea how to achieve that.

This is the code for the Image drawing when player 1 buys a territory:

if(property.Properties[i][0] == 1){
              if (y >= 390){
                  x = 140;
                  y = 40;
             ImageIcon a = new ImageIcon(this.getClass().getResource("../Imagini/Headers/"  + headers[i] +".jpg"));
             icons = a.getImage();
             g.drawImage(icons, x, y, null);
             y +=25;


The image should be erased when the position of the player is set to 0.

How can I erase the Image when I sell it?

Is there a method that does that?

If not can you suggest an alternative way for achieving this?

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Try Graphics.fillRect() to clear image from the surface. –  4ndrew Jan 17 '12 at 21:33
1) ImageIcon.. Don't create one if you don't need it. For the image, use Image img = ImageIO.read(url); 2) g.drawImage(icons, x, y, null); Likely this is an ImageObserver, so use this instead of null. –  Andrew Thompson Jan 17 '12 at 22:55

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put this Icon/ImageIcon to the JLabel#setIcon(myIcon), and this/these JLabel(s) place by using LayoutManger to the JPanel,

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If you want to have Swing manage the object and give you an easy delete function, you could perhaps use a layout manager to place the icon on a panel that is then placed on one of the frame's panes, and draw on the content pane if you need custom drawing.

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