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Im trying to update a field in a row in one of the tables in my schema and Im not getting any errors in my php log but the value doesnt update into the field. I have my update query written like this:

$dbQuery00 = "UPDATE `billing`.`sale_transaction` SET `Signature` = '$signatureUpload'  WHERE `TRANSCODE` = '$transID';";
$result = mysqli_query($dbObj,$dbQuery00) or trigger_error('Failed on dbQuery00'.mysqli_error(), mysqli_errno());

When I post the $result variable to the error_log it shows the correct number of fields that should have been updated which is just one but nothing shows.

The value that Im updating is a png file and Im inserting it into a longblob field. I have the similar set up working in other places but for some reason this particular little update query is a no go.....any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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Are you sure $transID is what you expected (that is, you're updating then checking the row you expect)? $result is only going to be true or false here, not a number of fields updated. – Dan Grossman Jan 17 '12 at 22:00
hmmmm.....yes Ive posted the transID to the error_log and its what it should be. Let me run my script once again to see what comes up in the error log again. – James andresakis Jan 17 '12 at 22:04
ok so the signature value comes out as "Array" and the result value comes out as 1. I suppose I should add that I cast both to (string) inorder to see them in the error log – James andresakis Jan 17 '12 at 22:07
Do not give mysqli_errno() in the second parameter of trigger_error().... mysqli error numbers have nothing to do with php error numbers. Depending on desired behavior, use E_USER_ERROR (fatal), E_USER_WARNING (severe) or E_USER_NOTICE(well, notice it is ;) ). – Wrikken Jan 18 '12 at 0:36
Thanks for replying but I dont really have a problem with the error catching. My problem is that the data I send to my script doesnt make it into the table im trying to update. I dont see any errors related to the data so Im kind of stuck – James andresakis Jan 18 '12 at 0:57
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Ok turns out I had to use the following code to allow the png file to be updated into my mysql table.

$imgData = addslashes(file_get_contents($_FILES["signatureUpload"]["tmp_name"]));

That little bit of code allowed me to take posted data to my script and update the image in the table.

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