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I am have a powershell script that does a few things that all need to be completed sequentially. Currently I am using this code to run a couple external programs (assume I am in the correct directory)


The problem I am having is that these will all run sequentially, not waiting until the previous one is finished. Is there a way to make them wait until the previous program ends?

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Most processes will cause PowerShell to wait until their completion unless they do something funky, like Oracle's installers.

You could try:

Start-Process -FilePath program1.exe -Wait

If this doesn't work you might have do something like this:

& program1.exe 
while ($true) {
    Start-Sleep -Seconds 1
    if (-not (Get-Process -Name program1 -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue)) {
"...continue here"
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(".\program1.exe", ".\program2.exe", ".\program3.exe") | % { & $_ }

Stick all the programs in array. Then run the array through a foreach loop that executes them.

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