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I have a while and foreach loop that I want to use to print all of my results from a MySQL query. Below is my code for the while statement and the foreach statements.


while ($row_questions = mysql_fetch_array($result_questions)) {

 $step_number[]      = $row_questions['step_number'];

 if ($row_questions['step_number_sub'] != 0) {
   $step_number_sub[]  = $row_questions['step_number_sub'];
 } else {
   $step_number_sub[]  = "0";

 if ($row_questions['step_required'] != 0) {
   $step_required[]  = "*";
 } else {
   $step_required[]  = "";

 $step_description[] = $row_questions['step_description'];
 $step_outcome[]     = $row_questions['step_outcome'];
 $step_equipment[]   = $row_questions['step_equipment'];
 $test_changes[]     = $row_questions['test_changes'];

and my FOREACH:

foreach ($step_number as $i => $step){
    $even_odd = ( '-odd' != $even_odd ) ? '-odd' : '';
    echo '<section class="zebra'.$even_odd.'">';
    echo '<div class="span-2 number"><strong>'.$step_number[$i].'</strong></div>';
    echo '<div class="span-20 description">'.$step_description[$i].'</div>';
    echo '<div class="span-2">'.$step_required[$i].'</div>';
    if ($step_outcome[$i] != null) {
      echo '<div class="span-22 outcome"><strong>Desired Outcome</strong><br>'.$step_outcome[$i].'</div>';
    echo '<div class="clear"></div>';
    echo '<article class="results">';
    echo '<div class="span-10">Did this step match the desired outcome?</div>';
    echo '<div class="span-10">Notes:</div>';
    echo '<div class="span-10">
          <select name="question_'.$step[$i].'" id="question_'.$step[$i].'" required aria-required="true">
          <option name="pass" value="Pass">Yes, this step was completed successfully</option>
          <option name="fail" value="Fail">No, this step failed to complete. See notes below</option>
    echo '<div class="span-10"><textarea name="question_'.$step[$i].'" id="question_'.$step[$i].'" class="nots"></textarea></div>';
    echo '</article>';
    echo '<div class="clear"></div>';
    echo '</section>';

I am getting multiple versions of the same results (4). Thanks in advance for any help and let me know if you need any other info!

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Whats the output of print_r($step_number) between these two loops? –  Corubba Jan 17 '12 at 23:10
Have you checked whether your query is creating the duplicates (by using phpmyadmin, for example?) –  Aerik Jan 17 '12 at 23:29
Masterful! It was my SQL. I am a dolt. Thanks so much Aerik! –  prosborne Jan 17 '12 at 23:55

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Don't use multiple arrays. Use a class structure or array for each element. A simple way to do this:

while ($row_questions = mysql_fetch_array($result_questions))
    questions[] = $row_questions;

foreach( $questions as $question )
    $even_odd = ( '-odd' != $even_odd ) ? '-odd' : '';
    echo '<section class="zebra'.$even_odd.'">';
    echo '<div class="span-2 number"><strong>'.$question['step_number'].'</strong></div>';
    echo '<div class="span-20 description">'.$question['step_description'].'</div>';
    echo '<div class="span-2">'.$question['step_required'].'</div>';
    if ($question['step_outcome'] != null) 
      echo '<div class="span-22 outcome"><strong>Desired Outcome</strong><br>'.$question['step_outcome'].'</div>';
   ... you get the drift ...
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oh awesome! Even though the problem was in my SQL, this is a far better solution than what I had! Thanks so much - –  prosborne Jan 17 '12 at 23:57
You're welcome. –  dar7yl Jan 18 '12 at 0:24

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