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I'm now all day on a fairly simple udf. It's below. When I paste the select statement into a query, it runs as expected... when I execute the entire function, I get "0" every time. As you know there aren't a ton of debugging options, so it's hard to see what value are/ aren't being set as it executes. The basic purpose of it is to make sure stock data exists in a daily pricing table. So I can check by how many days' data I'm checking for, the ticker, and the latest trading date to check. A subquery gets me the correct trading dates, and I use "IN" to pull data out of the pricing and vol table... if the count of what comes back is less than the number of days I'm checking, no good. If it does, we're in business. Any help would be great, I'm a newb that is punting at this point:

ALTER FUNCTION dbo.PricingVolDataAvailableToDateProvided
    (@Ticker char,
     @StartDate DATE,
     @NumberOfDaysBack int)
    RETURNS bit

    DECLARE @Result bit
    DECLARE @RecordCount int

SET @RecordCount = (
    SELECT COUNT(TradeDate) AS Expr1
    FROM   (SELECT TOP (100) PERCENT TradeDate
            FROM   tblDailyPricingAndVol
            WHERE  ( Symbol = @Ticker )
                   AND ( TradeDate IN (SELECT TOP (@NumberOfDaysBack)
                                      CAST(TradingDate AS DATE) AS Expr1
                                       FROM   tblTradingDays
                                       WHERE  ( TradingDate <= @StartDate )
                                       ORDER  BY TradingDate DESC) )
            ORDER  BY TradeDate DESC) AS TempTable ) 

    IF @RecordCount = @NumberOfDaysBack
        SET @Result = 1
        SET @Result = 0

    RETURN @Result

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@Ticker char seems suspect.

If you don't declare a length in the parameter definition it defaults to char(1) so quite likely your passed in tickers are being silently truncated - hence no matches.

SELECT TOP (100) PERCENT TradeDate ... ORDER  BY TradeDate DESC

in the derived table is pointless but won't affect the result.

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Thanks for the response but I'm still pulling hair out :) – StatsViaCsh Jan 17 '12 at 23:30
The compiler did that 100 pct thing by the way, I deleted it, it puts it back.. – StatsViaCsh Jan 17 '12 at 23:33
Well have you fixed the issue with char? If so what did you change the parameter definition too? What is the datatype of tblDailyPricingAndVol.Symbol? How are you calling it? – Martin Smith Jan 17 '12 at 23:33
Not fixed yet. I changed the parameter def to: "@Ticker nchar(10)" which is the datatype in the table. – StatsViaCsh Jan 17 '12 at 23:37
Please show how you are calling the function. – Martin Smith Jan 17 '12 at 23:40

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