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I have a 2 column table with 2 IDs, each pair being unique. I would love to find a way to create a comma separated list for each instance of the first column, IE:

IDcolumn1value1 | IDColumn2value1, IDColumn2Value2, IDColumn2Value3; IDcolumn1value2 | IDcolumn2Value2, IDcolumn2Value4

I could create a cursor, and iterate over every single item in IDcolum1, but given that there are ~8k pairs, that might not be most efficient.

Currently I have:

SELECT  @listStr = COALESCE(@listStr+',' , '') + Component_Softpaq.SoftpaqNumber
FROM         Softpaq_SKU INNER JOIN
    ComponentVersion ON Softpaq_SKU.ComponentVersionID = ComponentVersion.ComponentVersionID INNER JOIN
    ComponentPass ON ComponentVersion.ComponentVersionID = ComponentPass.ComponentVersionID INNER JOIN
    Component_Softpaq ON ComponentPass.ComponentPassID = Component_Softpaq.ComponentPassID
group by Softpaq_SKU.SKUID, Component_Softpaq.SoftpaqNumber

SELECT @listStr
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You can use FOR XML PATH to generate a comma delimited list without cursors. Check out this article

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