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I have shipments has one invoice; and invoice belongs to shipments. When I try to do this...

filter :customer, :collection => proc {(Customer.all).map{|c| [c.company_name,]}}

O get this error (Mysql::Error: Unknown column 'invoices.customer_id'.

The customer_id column is actually on the shipments table. Since invoice belongs to shipment, I usually access the customer_id by doing invoice.shipment.customer_id. But I don't know how to implement this to create an activeadmin filter.

Complete error: SQLite3::SQLException: no such column: invoices.customer_id: SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT count_column) FROM (SELECT "invoices"."id" AS count_column FROM "invoices" LEFT OUTER JOIN "customers" ON "customers"."id" = "invoices"."customer_id" LEFT OUTER JOIN "shipments" ON "shipments"."id" = "invoices"."shipment_id" WHERE "customers"."id" = 2 LIMIT 30 OFFSET 0) subquery_for_count

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Can you use a Nested Attribute?

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still get no such column: invoices.customer_id – leonel Jan 18 '12 at 0:35

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