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On a jsf page, i have a hidden parameter as

h:inputhidden id="feeCode" value="#{feePage.feeCodeList}"

This feeCodeList has 4 items in the list.

I have to retrieve all these 4 values as separate strings using jquery. I tried using :

$('#feeCode').each(function () {
    var str = $(this).text();
    alert(str); // four times alert should come.

This statement gives all the 4 items combined in a single string. Say for example: I want 4 items as -


but above expression gives me - one two three four - as single string.

Please help me. I am new to jQuery.

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Can you show the html –  Esailija Jan 18 '12 at 0:25
it was simple: I uses: jQuery('#formName\\:feeCode option').each(function(){var str = jQuery(this).text(); alert(str);}); –  user1155101 Jan 18 '12 at 5:23

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Seeing your bit of code, you are looping over an 'id'. You use '#' to retrieve an element by id. id's should be unique. instead apply a class, something like .feeClass to those four hidden elements and in your code use $(".feeClass").each...

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