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I used StreamReader, StreamWriter, TextWriter, BinaryWriter and so on classes on .NET. They were so useful. And in Cocoa, I can't find similar classes. There're only basic streams and some classes. I can make some similar classes myself, but I want to know is there pre-implemented classes or not before making new one.

Can you let me know about stream related classes on Cocoa or CoreFoundation?

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The stream classes for Core Foundation are CFReadStream and CFWriteStream- see CFNetwork Programming Guide. Their Cocoa counterparts are NSInputStream and NSOutputStream- see Stream Programming Guide for Cocoa

Their functionality is extremely basic (for example, you can't seek in read/input streams) so I've found that their functionality is limited. They are suited for use with CFNetwork, but other than that I have rolled my own when the need arose. Not being familiar with .NET it sounds like the classes you reference are almost Java-like adapters, which unfortunately these aren't.

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I wanted simple text reader from stream. Maybe with delegate in Cocoa. OK thanks! –  Eonil Jan 18 '12 at 3:32
You can always try using a combination of NSData and NSString. –  sbooth Jan 18 '12 at 14:02

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