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I have a standard C# queue, declared like this:

private Queue<DeployJob> _solutionQueue = new Queue<DeployJob>();

Now I want to bind this queue to an DataGridView, which is placed inside a winform. With "bind" i mean that everytime i dequeue or enqueue an item from the queue the DataGridView gets updated (so that it always represents the state of the queue).

I have tried to bind it this way:

jobGridView.DataSource = _solutionQueue;

But it doesnt work, even if I use the update or refresh methods. If you need more code, please feel free to ask :)

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According to MSDN, the DataGridView.DataSource must implement one of the following interfaces:

  • IList
  • IListSource
  • IBindingList
  • IBindingListView

The Queue<T> class implements parent interfaces of IList, including IEnumerable and ICollection, but not IList itself.

One suggestion is to use LINQ to create a List<DeployJob> from the queue and bind like so:

using System.Linq;    


jobGridView.DataSource = _solutionQueue.ToList();

You would want to make sure and handle any events that update/modify the queue, and re-bind the DataGridView to a newly created List

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