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First thing I would like to say is, i know deploying ror applications in windows is not recommended, but in this case i have no choice due to some client restrictions.

I am looking for a tool like Upstart for windows which will moniter my instance of Thin or Mongrel and will 're-spawn' in case of crashes or availability.

Now I looked around quite a bit and most solutions like UpStart, or Passenger server are only available for Unix environments.

Any known tools for windows? and how to use them?

I am also open to any alternative ror servers for windows that can do this automatically like passenger does.

Thanks Shaunak

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Maybe a bat script as a scheduled task to run wmic process, scan to find Mongrel, and if it's not found to run it?

Sorry, I'd do it in bash, or I'd have a code example for you.

This would also make a good python script, in my opinion.

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