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I'm having some problem understanding how to resolve this loop:

I'm developing a small scrapper for myself and I'm trying to figure out how to loop within 2 methods until all the links are retrieved from the website.

I'm already retrieving the links from the first page but the problem is that I can't make a loop to verify the new links already extracted:

Here is my code:

    $scrap->fetchlinks($url);//I scrap the links from the first page from a website

    //for each one found I insert the url in the DB with status = "n"
    foreach ($scrap->results as $result) {
        if ($result) {
            echo "$result \n";

            //I select all the links with status = "n" to perform a scrap the stored links
            $urlStatusNList = $crawler->selectUrlByStatus("n");

            while (sizeof($urlStatusNList > 1)){
                foreach($urlStatusNList as $sl){
                $scrap->fetchlinks($sl->url);  // I suppose it would retrieve all the new sublinks
                $crawler->insertUrl($sl->url); // insert the sublinks in the db
                $crawler->updateUrlByIdStatus($sl->id, "s"); //update the link scraped with status = "s", so I will not check these links again

                //here I would like to return the loop for each new link in the db with status='n' until the system can not retrieve more links and stops with the script execution

Any type of help is very welcome. Thanks in advance !

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In pseudo-code you're looking for something like this

    grab new links and add them to database

} while( select all not yet extracted from database > 0 )

Will keep going on and on without recursion...

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Hi, Thanks for the answer: Do you mean this? do { $scrap->fetchlinks($url); foreach ($scrap->results as $result) { if ($result) { echo "$result \n"; $crawler->insertUrl($result); } } } while( $crawler->selectUrlByStatus("n") > 1); THANKS ! –  rpa Jan 18 '12 at 2:47
@rpa yes, should be something among those lines... (didn't really check if the code validates). –  Frankie Jan 18 '12 at 3:03

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