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I have shipment has one invoice; invoice belongs to shipment. The shipments table is the one that contains the customer_id.

I need to find all invoices...

  • for a particular customer and
  • that have customer_account_balance of 0

I have tried many different approaches but none seem to work, this last one got me error private method select or something like that...

i = Invoice.where("customer_open_balance != 0")
s = Shipment.find_by_customer_id(
shipment_ids_from_invoices ={|x| x.shipment_id}
@shipments ={|z| shipment_ids_from_invoices.include?}
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Does this work?

@shipments = Shipment.joins(:invoice).where(:customer_id =>"customer_account_balance <> 0")

It sounds like your schema looks like this:

Shipment: (customer_id, ...)
Invoice: (customer_open_balance, shipment_id, ...)

Did you put has_one :invoice in Shipment.rb and belongs_to :shipment in Invoice.rb?

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Awesome! it does work. Thanks – leonel Jan 18 '12 at 15:47
class Invoice

  belongs_to :shipment

  scope :with_customer, lambda { |customer_id| joins(:shipment).where(:customer_id => customer_id) }

  scope :cero_balance, joins(:shipment).joins(:customer).where("customer_account_balance <> 0")


Then try

#for a particular customer with id 1
Invoice.with_customer 1

#that have customer_account_balance of 0
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It gives me some errors, but I like the approach of creating a scope. I think I'll combine answers. Thanks! :) – leonel Jan 18 '12 at 15:48

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