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I'm a little confused here. if I pass a variable to json_decode, it doesn't work:

$stringJSON = $_GET['jsonstring'];  
echo $stringJSON;
$stringObject = json_decode($stringJSON);

The first echo correctly shows me the JSON string I passed, e.g.


The second echo shows NULL. So I grab the string from the first echo and write the following code:

$stringObject = json_decode("{\"Items\":[{\"Name\":\"name\",\"Description\":\"\"],\"Name\":\"Christmas\"}");
var_export ($stringObject);

And what do you say, it shows me the correctly decoded array. The string is absolutely the same, I even kept the escape characters. Or maybe they are the problem?

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Looks like your server has magic_quotes_gpc enabled. Either disable it or run $stringJSON through stripslashes() before using it.

$stringJSON = get_magic_quotes_gpc() ?
    stripslashes($_GET['jsonstring']) : $_GET['jsonstring'];
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needs to be


You are missing the closing }

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Strange that the OP's second example works at all –  Phil Jan 18 '12 at 3:29

If it shows you a string with slashes in it when you echo it, that means the string has slashes in it. That's not a valid JSON string, the slashes don't belong there. If you paste that string into PHP, the slashes are evaluated by PHP. The string literal "\"" in PHP source code evaluates to the string ", so the slashes are effectively removed and you are decoding a valid JSON string.

I suspect you have Magic Quotes on which are inserting the slashes into GET values, turn them off.

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This is a quoting problem: Try the following

$stringObject = json_decode("{\"Items\":[{\"Name\":\"name\",\"Description\":\"\"],\"Name\":\"Christmas\"}");
echo $stringObject;
var_export ($stringObject);

as you see, the $stringObject has no quotes (but the one coming from $_GET has them)

so you might need

$stringJSON = $_GET['jsonstring'];  
$stringObject = json_decode(stripslashes($stringJSON));
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run json_decode twice $str = json_decode($jsonData,true); $str = json_decode($str,true);

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