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I have a table with millions of rows in it and it is taking long time to retrieve data from it while querying it. I tried to partition it based on the date. I have the following table with column names as

FEED_DT_TM-- Date datatype.

I tried using the redefinition package available in Oracle to partition it, but did not work . Please advise me an efficient way of partitioning of a table.

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How do you mean did not work? What error messages are you getting? – Sathya Jan 18 '12 at 4:22
maybe read the Oracle docs first (… ). How you access the data will largely determine your partitioning approach (range partitioned would be my guess from what your posted). – tbone Jan 18 '12 at 12:37

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Tables can't be redefined if:

  • they have materialized views or materialized view logs on them
  • they contain BFILE, LONG RAW or LONG columns
  • they belong to SYS or SYSTEM
  • the database is in NOLOGGING mode
  • they are temporary or clustered

Calling DBMS_REDEFINITION.CAN_REDEF_TABLE will confirm if your table is suitable.

Follow this link for a good guide on how to partition an existing table with DBMS_REDEFINITION.

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