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Here is my function:

function loadNext(choice) {
    $("#thequestion").load("question.php", { ans: choice, id: "<?php echo $row['id']; ?>", nextId: "<?php echo $nextQuestionId; ?>" } );

    $("#graph").load("graph.php", { id:"<?php echo $row['id']; ?>", nextId: "<?php echo $nextQuestionId; ?>" } );

I execute the function and Firebug says the data is being posted, eg:

    ans y
    id  3
    nextId  1

But when I try to retrieve them in 'question.php' or 'graph.php' like so:


They echo back as null.

Any ideas?

EDIT: I've just noticed that the webiste URL does not change when the function is executed. Shouldn't ans=y&id=3&nextId=1 be appended onto it for the data to be sent? Or is this not the case for jQuery/ajax stuff?

EDIT 2: Sorry, this may be becoming really specific, but if I append the /question.php?ans=y&id=3&nextId=1 manually, it all works fine! So now I'm really confused - this has narrowed the problem down to the function loadNext(choice), has it not?

Edit - (not op) suggested edit to include javascript and jquery tags.

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The website URL will not change. The AJAX request happens in the background –  Phil Jan 18 '12 at 5:27

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From the jQuery load() API

The POST method is used if data is provided as an object; otherwise, GET is assumed.

Either change your PHP script to look in $_POST (or $_REQUEST if you're feeling lazy) or change the JavaScript to

$.get("question.php", {
    ans: choice,
    id: "<?php echo $row['id'] ?>",
    nextId: "<?php echo $nextQuestionId ?>"
}, function(data) {
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Phil, you are my hero. Thankyou so much. I've been trying to get this for so long you wouldn't believe it. –  user1104147 Jan 18 '12 at 5:30

Try this as well,

function loadNext(choice) {
        $("#thequestion").load("question.php?ans=choice&id=<?php echo $row['id']; ?>&nextId=<?php echo $nextQuestionId; ?>" } );

        $("#graph").load("graph.php?id=<?php echo $row['id']; ?>&nextId=<?php echo $nextQuestionId; ?>" } );
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