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So I've been using Fancybox 2.0.4 for a while now, but I just got around to putting in pictures (it's been opening frames to flowplayer for videos). I'm having a bit of a frustration though:

My website is mainly one page (it's just a portfolio). There are links to "Videos" and "Pictures." The pictures link opens up a fancybox dialog to an AJAX page which basically contains a giant grid (floated divs) of all the pictures. Eventually, it will be pulled from a database, but right now, I'm just using an associative array in PHP. This thumbnail index page is populated by this code

// first, we'll grab our flat-file of pictures
include 'pics/pics_db.php';
foreach ($pics_array as $file => $title)
    $img_info = getimagesize('pics/'.$file);
    if($img_info[0] >= $img_info[1]){$img_dim="width";}
    echo '<div class="pic_div">';
    echo '<a class="fancybox-thumb" rel="gallery" href="pics/'.$file.'" title="'.$title.'">';
    echo '<img src="pics/thm/'.$file.'" '.$img_dim.'="200" alt="" /></a></div>';


On click, each image opens up fine in a fancybox by itself, but it won't open up as a gallery for whatever reason. Does anyone have any ideas? Here's the script for fancybox, and all three css and jss files are being included properly.

        prevEffect  : 'none',
        nextEffect  : 'none',
        helpers : {
            title   : {
                type: 'outside'
            overlay : {
                opacity : 0.8,
                css : {
                    'background-color' : '#000'
            thumbs  : {
                width   : 50,
                height  : 50
        fitToView : false,
        width : '100%',
        height : '100%',
        autoSize : false        
        fitToView : true,
        autoSize : true

Here is the site:

Thanks! -ZeroDaHero

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can you show a link with the issue? could help you better – JFK Jan 18 '12 at 6:42
I began using a script to resize the images (image resize script by Jon Lencioni) and that seems to make it work...sometimes. It seems that if you click on a picture, then close and open up the ones immediately adjacent to it...then the gallery will open, no problem. Perhaps this is an image size (they're pretty big images) issue with loading times? – zerodahero Jan 18 '12 at 22:42

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