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I want to mock a method in abstract class say 'A' and also need to pass and instance of type A to the methods I am unit testing.

Is there a way to create an instance using Jmockit like Mockit.newemptyProxy How do I solve this scenario

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You could do it simply like this:

public void mockAbstractClassA(final A mock)
   new Expectations() {{
      mock.doThat(); returns(123);

   new ClassUnderTest(mock).doStuff();

Note the "A mock" parameter in the test method.

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Maybe this is a silly question, but do you actually need JMockit in this situation? Can't you just make a subclass of A and override the method you want to mock? Something like this:

class MyMockA extends A {

    int myMethod(int x) {
        // do stuff

public void test_A_handler() {
    A a = new MyMockA();
    A_handler testSubject = new A_handler();
    assertEquals(123, testSubject.handleA(a));
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