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I'm using a Win 7 64-bit system. LibGDX gdx-helloworld-android app works fine. It doesn't have any box2D stuff. But when I try to use run a physics demo/test, for example those found at the app crashes on launch. Same thing happened with AndEngine physics examples too. So is the JNI box2D stuff processor dependent? Should I re-build the Box2D libraries using the android NDK and Cygwin as mentioned here: so that the libraries work for my sytem config? Also, what are the folders armeabi and armeabi-v7a for? Are both the folders essential?

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The previous mishap was due to my ignorance. Now after correcting the android manifest file (Making sure the MAIN and LAUNCHER intents are specified only for the class that extends AndroidApplication) and including only what was necessary among the .jar files (gdx.jar and gdx-backend-android.jar) from libgdx files the Box2DTest app runs properly.

No need to re-build any Box2D JNI stuff using NDK and Cygwin.

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