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I'm using this code to create the dialog:

SettingsDialog settingDialog = new SettingsDialog ();
RootElement dialog = settingDialog.CreateDialog ();
DialogViewController dv = new DialogViewController (dialog, true);
dv.ViewDissapearing += delegate(object sender1, EventArgs e1) {
  // update the values
  Config.VendorId = settingDialog.VendorId;
} ;
NavigationController.PushViewController (dv, true);

Ths is the code for the SettingsDialogClass

public class SettingsDialog
  private EntryElement idElement;
  public RootElement CreateDialog ()
    idElement = new EntryElement ("Vendor Id", string.Empty, Config.VendorId.ToString (CultureInfo.InvariantCulture)){ KeyboardType = UIKeyboardType.NumberPad };

  element = new RootElement ("Configuration"){
  new Section (){
   } ,

public string VendorId {
get {
  return idElement.Value;

The problem is that the above property ALWAYS returns the old value, it never gets updated. Any idea why?

Thank, Ignacio

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I found the answer to my question, this thread had the key to it

How can I pass data into MonoTouch.Dialog's delegates?

this line: i was able to get around it by calling field.FetchValue() before trying to retrieve it

So I modified the property as

public string VendorId {
get {
   return idElement.Value;
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