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enter image description hereFriends, I am trying to install Android plugin with Eclipse(Version: Indigo Service Release 1) in my machine(Linux Ubuntu 64 bit). My network uses proxy authentication so I went to Eclipse->windows->preferences->General->Network connection->Entered my credentials(for http & https).

And to install android -- Eclipse->Help->Install new software->Added the URL(Andriod - and then clicked next.But it said some more plugins are missing.So I tried to update the eclipse.But when I tried to update the eclipse through the following URL(Helios - it gives the following exception : HTTP Proxy Authentication Required: HTTP Proxy Authentication Required: Proxy auth required Please help me with this..

FYI: I am entering the valid credentials,I can visit sites through that same credentials with my browser.

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hmm Eclipse->Help->Install new software->drop down to all available sites and select sdk install it and then move on to android

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what do you mean by "select SDK"? – kiddo Jan 18 '12 at 6:59

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