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I need to customize each cell in a UITableView (like each cell will have UITextfield and UIButton). Could you let me know if there is any good article on that?

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UITableView cells respond to selections - it get's handled in tableView:didSelectRowAtIndexPath, maybe this satisfies your UIButton requirement. In case where you need UIButton it should not be difficult - it is just another UIView component.

Easy custom UITableView drawing is a detailed article on customizing UITableView. It goes beyond what you want but you may find useful details. Have a look at section Layout within the contentView for how to add views to cell - the example adds image and text (lots of custom background stuff going on).

Example code discussed here:

UIView* container = [[UIView alloc] initWithFrame:goodRect];
UITableView* tv = [[UITableView alloc] initWithFrame:tableRect];
UIButton* btn = [[UIButton alloc] initWithFrame:btnFrame];

[container addSubview:tv];
[container addSubview:btn];

myController.view = container;

Maybe have a look at question UIButton in a UITableView header ignores most touches.

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Here's a good tutorial for customizing your tableview cells.

Instead of adding labels (as in the example), you can add any controls.

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There era a few subViews in table cell that you can modify. Good tutorial that I found is here!

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I thought of that one as well - classic tutorial. –  Kobski Sep 4 '12 at 19:10

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