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In java file I read jsp file and trying to finding out number of css clasess used, "class=" and its value by using regex below.

Pattern p = Pattern.compile("class=\"([^\"]*)\"");
Set set = new HashSet();
Iterator iterator;
while ((strLine = br.readLine()) != null)
    Matcher m = p.matcher(strLine);
while (m.find())
    String classValue = m.group(1);

it gives me class name means if jsp contents class="List" or class="listItem".

Output is { List listItem } like this. My problem is as follows if my JSP contents

  1. then it will shows com.metaparadigm.jsonrpc.JSONRPCBridge that i dont want
  2. "> in this it will give me output = "<%=w_canEdit?" but i want only one class either IconSpacing or IconDisable how can do this
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From your encrypted description assuming I have deciphered it correctly !

Looks to me that your jsp page contains following line

<img src="a.jpeg" class="<%=w_canEdit?"IconSpacing":"IconDisable"%>"/>

And your regular expression matches <%=w_canEdit?\

public void testRegex() {

    Pattern p = Pattern.compile("class=\"([^\"]*)\"");
    Set set = new HashSet();

    //<img class="<%=w_canEdit?"IconSpacing":"IconDisable"%>" src="a.jpeg"/>
    String str="<img src=\"a.jpeg\" class=\"<%=w_canEdit?\"IconSpacing\":\"IconDisable\"%>\"/>";

    Matcher m = p.matcher(str);
    while (m.find())
        String classValue = m.group(1);


<img src="a.jpeg" class="<%=w_canEdit?"IconSpacing":"IconDisable"%>"/>

what you expect in the result



Short answer :

you can not do it with regex

Long answer :

you can not do it with regex, even if with lookahead hacks you might be able to resolve it as <%=w_canEdit?"IconSpacing":"IconDisable"%> like for ex using following pattern

Pattern p = Pattern.compile("class=\"(<%=(.(?<!%>\"))*)\"");
// [<%=w_canEdit?"IconSpacing":"IconDisable"%>]

you will still never be able to identify runtime value of a class [as either IconSpacing or IconDisable ] by parsing jsp file anyways.

Easiest way to do this is to to do it manually

  1. grep class= *.jsp
  2. identify css classes that have jsp scriptlets in them
  3. extract the required details from the result

If you can raise a separate Question with exact details of your requirement people here would be definitely happy to help

Also See this post RegEx match open tags except XHTML self-contained tags to understand why using regex to parse html/jsp pages is not that great idea !

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