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I have an HTML page with several iframes, each pointing to a text file on the same domain.

Now I have read up quite a bit on when the iframe points to an HTML file, but did not find anything on when it is a text file. And I can obviously not add styling inside the textfiles themselves.

The behavior is that the text content of the iframe inherits the background-color of the parent, but not the color.

Now, when I do the below in the parent HTML doc, the background-color of the content of the iframe is affected.

    background-color: black

But again, if I do the below, the text color of the iframe text content remains unaffected.

    color: White;


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Since I couldn't find a workable solution, In the end I had to convert my text docs to html and reference a basic stylesheet in them to set the text color. – Jacques Bosch Jan 19 '12 at 3:57
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If there's no background-color specified in the document loaded into the iframe, it'll assume transparent so what you actually see is the background-color of the iframe because CSS applies to the iframe itself, not it's content.

So, basically editing the text color you should use another method, this thread has a couple of methods:

How to apply CSS to iFrame?

There is no official method to modify an iframe's content so you're stuck with dirty hacks.

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Tnx. Yes, I have see that question, but those hacks all assume the content document of the iframe is an html doc, not a text doc. So they don't work with text docs. Or? – Jacques Bosch Jan 18 '12 at 8:27
That won't work with text documents, indeed. If you wish to get contents of a text file and use styling, I recommend you to use an AJAX request instead. It'll return the content in plain text and you can put the text somewhere using javascript and it'll use your default styling. – Tim S. Jan 19 '12 at 8:39
Yeah, thought of that too. Decided to just convert my text to html for now. Thank you much. – Jacques Bosch Jan 19 '12 at 12:05

In my case I have a custom file browser designed to run stand-alone or in an iframe. When run in an iframe it blends in with the rest of the site. Clicking a TXT file opens it, and the site uses dark backgrounds. Instead of changing the text in the file to match, I simply made the links open in a new tab. This solves the dark text on dark background issue and is better for the end user.

Consider not changing the text color and finding an alternate solution

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