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I hope you can help me with my Database Problem:

I have a mysql database with several tables and i want to build an android app out of it. I'm trying to convert this database for days now and I cant find a working solution. I already tried the shell scripts which you find via google but none of them works: it seems like table creation is failing at some point. Errors are:

"no such collation sequence: utf8_unicode_ci" and "no such table:xxx".

I guess there is a problem with table creation. What can i do?!

Thanks in advance.

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which script did you use to get this error? –  CloudyMarble Jan 18 '12 at 8:11

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There are alot of tools to do that, as you did not mentioned whcih script caused the Error you get its hard to say why you get this Error , but check this list of conversion tools/scripts. I guess dataPro is specially interesting but its not Free.

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