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I have the code as:

            $authAdapter = $this->getAuthAdapter();
            $auth = Zend_Auth::getInstance();

where getAuthAdapter() is as follows:

    protected function getAuthAdapter() {
    $dbAdapter = Zend_Db_Table::getDefaultAdapter();
    $authAdapter = new Zend_Auth_Adapter_DbTable($dbAdapter);


    return $authAdapter;

             $userInfo = $authAdapter->getResultRowObject(null, 'password');
             # the default storage is a session with namespace Zend_Auth
             $authStorage = $auth->getStorage();

Here I have used table named credentials.But I want to store a variable in auth_storage which is not the attribute of table credentials.So that I can use that variable later from that storage as given below.So how this should be done??

             $userInfo = Zend_Auth::getInstance()->getStorage()->read();

I can do by the following code: If I want to add a variable named $var then

                $var = new stdClass; 
                $userInfo->var = 'Variable'; 

But I dont think its good idea.Any other solution ??Please reply fast as its urgently required.Thanks in advance.

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Plz reply.Its urgent. –  ryan Jan 18 '12 at 12:50

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If you want to store some data from other table from database you can get an instance of authentication select and join with that table(s):

$authSelect = $authAdapter->getDbSelect();
$authSelect->join(TABLE, CONDITION, COLUMNS);

$result = $auth->authenticate($authAdapter);
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