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Currently i'm using IBM Cognos Express, database from SQL Server 2008. But error has occured when i try to retrieving database from SQL Server to IBM Cognos. How to connect IBM Cognos Express to SQL Server 2008? Thanks.

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To get help with your specific problem you will need to include more details. What is the error exactly? What have you tried? –  Aurora Jan 19 '12 at 17:36

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What version of Cognos Express (9.0, 9.5)? Here are some generic instructions in the meantime;

  • Start SQL Server Configuration Manager

  • Go to Client Protocols and enable TCP/IP and Named Pipes

  • Go to Protocols for SQLEXPRESS and enable TCP/IP and Named Pipes

  • Then double click TCP/IP to go into its properties, click IP addresses tab, scroll to bottom for IPAll group

  • Make TCP dynamic ports setting to be blank

  • Make TCP port to be 1433

  • Restart SQLExpress service

  • In Cognos configuration you can then select SQL Server and COMPUTERNAME\SQLEXPRESS for database settings

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