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I have a web application . When i right click on any html/webpage inside my browser , for some pages it shows the excaxt jsp page like http://localhost:8080/MyWebApp/vustomer.jsp while for some pages it shows action class instead of jsp page like http://localhost:8080/MyWebApp/TellerAction.do?actionCode=3&page=controlPanel. I am not getting what is reason behind these two different behaviour? i mean why it does show jsp file name for some page but not for others?

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By the way, title of question correlates poorly with the text of question. –  Victor Sorokin Jan 18 '12 at 9:17

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I guess because HTML code of page sometimes has <a href='...jsp'>...</a> and other times it has <a href='...do'>...</a>.

Your best bet to find out why is to ask author of code :)

Usually, .do URLs are served by servlets, not jsp.

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