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I'm looking for a website that can help me find the best new hardware options to build a new computer. I'm looking for reviews and features.

Edit: Thanks for all the good advice. I went with ars technica for most of the hardware advice, it lead me to NewEgg products. I'm looking for a good idea for a fairly cheap custom case for the Intel chipset mobo. Any ideas?

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The sites above me should serve you well. If you are ever in doubt for your new rig, google:

pc buyer's guide <month> <year>

Add the word 'gaming' to the search if that's what you are looking for. Also, you may have to backtrack a month or two (or even go by the season, summer, etc) because reviews aren't always posted every month.

I typically take 3 guides and try to mix and match what I feel are the best parts; if a part appears in multiple guides, my confidence increases for that part. I usually do my purchases at Newegg but will try to find the best deal possible. Stop by Dealmac or the Hot Deals forums at Anandtech to see if there are any deals/rebates out there for your parts.

Over at Tom's Hardware, you'll find very nice charts that graph performance on a number of benchmarks for cpu and video (VGA).

I've had good luck with the guides at Arstechnica, Sharky Extreme, and Hard OCP. If you still crave more, check out: Firing Squad,, Guru 3D, or Hot Hardware.

Finally, here's a link to Mike's Roadmap. I use it to see if there are any next-gen components about to be released. Knowing this kind of information will help you decide when to buy. It allows you to avoid 'painting yourself into a corner' from buying parts that are soon to be refreshed/updated.

Example transitions:

  • CPU - die-shrink: 65nm to 45nm; core: single to double/ double to quad

  • Memory - DDR2 to DDR3

  • Interface - USB to USB 2.0

  • Video - AGP to PCI

  • Disk/CD/DVD Drives - PATA to SATA

You'll have to balance your impatience, -er needs, because waiting is the hardest part!

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Tom's Hardware is one of the best review sites on the 'net. Their forums are at least as valuable as their articles, so don't voerlook them.

Ars Technica also has good reviews, including periodic 'build guides' for budget and game scenarios.

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Try They have many articles on building different types of PCs; budget PCs, gaming, multimedia etc. They also have a monthly roundup of video cards in various price brackets. Also, is quite good.

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anandtech is pretty good too..

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just off the top of my head.

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I like for building a quiet computer.

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Go on like pjz say BUT go in the Forum section! They have a section for Computer building and people are pretty fast and take in consideration your needs and budgets. Very nice for compatibility of every part too.

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You win for most informative post and the Tom Petty lyric at the end!

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NewEgg is my go-to place for hardware. They usually have the best prices, and their customer service is very good.

I find the product search tools to be the best that I've seen. For example, with the Guided Search, you can select "Hard Drives" then "Internal Hard Drives" then "SATA 3.0Gb/s" then "400GB - 750GB" to get a more narrow results list. Alternatively, you can select these all at once with the Advanced Search.

NewEgg is definitely the site I recommend to anyone who asks. I just recently built a server using parts that were all from NewEgg. You can also sign up for their newsletter, which always has lots of promo codes to save more money.

Edit: it looks like you were looking more for reviews. NewEgg has user reviews that are pretty reliable. I'm usually pretty pessimistic and only read the bad reviews, though.

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New Egg is where I almost always get my hardware, but I'll also check Frys. Even if I go to Frys to get a piece of hardware, I'll still check to see if there is a user review/rating on New Egg.

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Don't forget forums. There's often more discussion around hardware rather than reviewing single items. The best one 'round here is

share|improve this answer is one of my favorites. They have quarterly build reviews in addition to regular reviews.

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