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I've got a <selectOneMenu> with a list of objects, the first one is null (to allow "no selection" option), the problem is that when the "no selection" option is chosen, the valueChangeListener set in the is not fired.

I would like this to be able to clear a dataTable from it's content:

1) 1 object, not null, is selected -> display relevant data in the 2) the "no selection" option is selected, clear the table.

here is my code:

                <h:selectOneMenu id="flowSelectionFilter"
                    value="#{errorController.flowSelectionFilter}" onchange="submit()"
                        var="flowFilter" itemLabel="#{flowFilter}" />

public String changeFlow(ValueChangeEvent event) throws Glossat2Exception {

    if (glossaryVersionSelectionFilter == null) {
        glossaryVersionSelectionFilter = new GlossaryVersionSelectionFilter(this.errorBean.getSelectedGlossaryVersion());
    flowSelectionFilter = flowSelectionFilterMap.get(event.getNewValue());
    return loadErrorsList(glossaryVersionSelectionFilter.getGlossaryVersion(), flowSelectionFilter.getFlowWithAction(), errorBean.getSelectedData());

the method is fired when any other object than null is selected.

thanks for your help

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Cant you just add something that is not null and have that as "No selection"? Such as an empty string? – MrKiane Jan 18 '12 at 9:29
Ok I changed the toString() of the object to return something else than an empty string when it was null and it worked. thank you ! – Themikebe Jan 18 '12 at 10:08

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