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Actually i am displaying events in calendar and for that i am adding subviews for events in UIScrollview. now i want to make some portion transparent in my particular event. Please check below image.

enter image description here

so i want to make that background image of event transparent with particular frame. Let me know if you have any idea about this or any alternative for that.

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Is your background a simple color or do you need an image ?'( – Vincent Zgueb Jan 18 '12 at 9:59
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Here is a basic solution to clear a frame in a view using a custom drawLayer:inContext: method for your eventView custom class (the class that draws your event). Of course you have to inherit a class from UIView before (eg. MyEventViewClass). You also have to set the opaque property to NO

-(void)drawLayer:(CALayer*)layer inContext:(CGContextRef)context
       // Fill the bg with the color you want (here it is gray)
       // You can also draw an image (CGContextDrawImage:)
    CGContextSetFillColorWithColor(context, [UIColor grayColor].CGColor);
    CGContextFillRect(context, self.bounds);

      // Then clear the frame
    CGContextSetBlendMode(context, kCGBlendModeClear);
    CGContextFillRect(context, frameToClear);

Is it clear ? ;)

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Thanks. my problem is solved with above code. – Paras Gandhi Jan 18 '12 at 10:16

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