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I have developed one table having 3 comlumns and 10 rows, Now to insert the data explicitly I am using :-

TableItem tableItem_1= new TableItem(Table, SWT.NONE);
tableItem_1.setText(0, "1.");

above code is inserting data in 1st row 1st column, but when i am changing the index from 0 to 1, then its starting from the adjacent cell of the next column but not exactly the next cell of the next column, plz help.

Thanks, @rs

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You must assign the data as array,


TableItem item1 = new TableItem(t, SWT.NONE);
    item1.setText(new String[] { "Column1 text", "Column2 text", "Column3 text" });
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thanks Dyonisos, its working fine. –  Ars Jan 18 '12 at 9:54

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