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I have a some custom views that need to be reuse at diffrent projects, So I created a new android project (which marked at properties as Library project) and put at this project the code I want to reuse. now I want to export it to jar, and use the jar file in other projects. the problem is that none of the export options (only source code/ include resources..) not working: the jar file is being created, but when I'm using it - I'm getting compilation errors/ runtime exceptions (depands how I exported the jar..)

what am I'm doing wrong? what is the right way to create jar file that provides additional custom views?

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you don't need export to a jar file, you new android project just set the library to your Library project.

you can through this to set:

Right Click your project -- Properties -- android

in the right down area, you can set library project, just add

also, you can check this

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thanks very much. it worked :) still seems to me that exporting to jar suppose to be possible, but for know I'll use this solution – Tal Kanel Jan 18 '12 at 21:42

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