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I have the following javascript code:


if($(this).attr("id") == stage){                                      

    rule1 = $(this).find("sentence[id='1']").text();
    rule2 = $(this).find("sentence[id='2']").text();


I then use .innerHTML to paste the text into a div in a html document. This process works perfectly in all common browsers apart from Safari, where sentence 2 is being duplicated in the div.

EDIT Thanks to Frédéric's comment I was able to modify my existing XML and code to get this working in Safari. EDIT

Old XML:

 <question id="1">
  <sentence id="1">Even Odd Odd</sentence>
  <sentence id="2">8 3 5</sentence>
 <question id="2">
  <sentence id="1">Odd Odd Odd</sentence>
  <sentence id="2">5 1 7</sentence>
 <question id="3">
  <sentence id="1">Even Even Even</sentence>
  <sentence id="2">9 7 3</sentence>

New XML:

 <question id="q1">
  <sentence id="q1s1">Even Odd Odd</sentence>
  <sentence id="q1s2">8 3 5</sentence>
 <question id="q2">
  <sentence id="q2s1">Odd Odd Odd</sentence>
  <sentence id="q2s2">5 1 7</sentence>
 <question id="q3">
  <sentence id="q3s1">Even Even Even</sentence>
  <sentence id="q3s2">9 7 3</sentence>

My output for question 1 for example, would be Even Odd Odd (sentence 1)

8 3 58 3 5 (sentence 2)

Has anyone experienced anything similar to this, and could suggest a fix/workaround?

Thanks for your time.

EDIT Thanks Frédéric! EDIT

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id attributes must be unique in an XML document. I'd suggest you use something like q1, q2, ..., qN for questions and q1s1, q1s2, ..., qNsM for sentences. –  Frédéric Hamidi Jan 18 '12 at 10:46
Hi Frédéric! This was the solution! I can't seem to mark your comment as an answer but I upvoted it! Thank you! –  Sykth Jan 18 '12 at 12:13

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If you can't change XML source and if your IDs not corresponding to nodes index order (like my case), first get the index of your node with find('data[id=XX]').index(), and access to the text() function with eq() search. So :


Hope this help.

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