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I want to use neo4j in embedded mode. As I have seen it's not possible to share the GraphDatabase instance in different processes. Now my idea was to use the neo4j embedded in an OSGi container to share the same db for different components. Is it a good idea to write a BundleActivator which creates the GraphDB and exposes it to other OSGi bundles with a service?

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there is An example template setup with tests making a super-bundle out of the neo4j-related components. Try and let us know how it goes. See here for a typical Activator.

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Trying to build the example fails with: Failed to execute goal com.mycila.maven-license-plugin:maven-license-plugin:1.9.0:check (check-licenses) on project neo4j-osgi-examples: Some files do not have the expected license header –  Max Spring Feb 7 '13 at 22:16

Now you can use proper DI to instantiate the DB, like http://docs.neo4j.org/chunked/snapshot/tutorials-java-embedded-osgi.html

    //the cache providers
    ArrayList<CacheProvider> cacheList = new ArrayList<CacheProvider>();
    cacheList.add( new SoftCacheProvider() );

    //the index providers
    IndexProvider lucene = new LuceneIndexProvider();
    ArrayList<IndexProvider> provs = new ArrayList<IndexProvider>();
    provs.add( lucene );
    ListIndexIterable providers = new ListIndexIterable();
    providers.setIndexProviders( provs );

    //the database setup
    GraphDatabaseFactory gdbf = new GraphDatabaseFactory();
    gdbf.setIndexProviders( providers );
    gdbf.setCacheProviders( cacheList );
    db = gdbf.newEmbeddedDatabase( "target/db" );
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