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I noticed that in Windows 7, unlike XP, if a program crashes that I am debugging in Visual Studio 2008, I don't get the option to Debug the program. Rather, it just says that the program crashed and Microsoft is looking for a solution.

Right now, if my program throws an exception, I can't return back to the debugging session in VS 2008, the program just quits. Is there a way around this?

EDIT: Here is what the old debug window looked like in XP, but I can't get this in Win7 and can't debug my program now:

debug window

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I see that if you click to send the error to MS, it finally gives you a Debug option.

Also, if you go into Control Panel->Action Center->Change Action Center Settings->Problem Report Settings and change the radio selection to "Each time a problem occurs, ask me before checking for solutions" you get the Debug option right away.

One big issue I notice is that it won't debug with the debugger that is already attached. It makes you create a new debugger instance in VS 2008 and then complains there is already a debugger attached...

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I don't have a Windows 7 installation, so I can't say if there is another mechanism at work, but the obvious answer is to check if Just In Time debugging is turned on in VS (Tools/Options/Debugging/Just In Time).

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It is turned on for all options. Thank you though. –  Max May 21 '09 at 0:47

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